Martin Matti

Certified Personal Trainer, Remedial Massage Therapist and Boxing Instructor
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Victoria Kew
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Participating furiously in State League Soccer for many years and involving himself in various sporting events, Martin’s health, fitness and recovery knowledge is vast. Playing competitively, Martin’s soccer career gave him the opportunity to work for a State League Soccer team as their trainer and masseur. Strength, conditioning and recovery is something Martin is very passionate about and leads by good example. Having been interested in sport and fitness from a young age, Martin’s enthusiasm is second to none. Martin’s passion and desire comes from his clients. Guiding them to reach their maximum potential and giving them the advice to help them lead strong, fit and nutritional lives to the fullest. Seeing their fantastic results is what drives and excites him to produce his best.

Martin is a firm believer in combining specifically tailored treatments and exercises to nurture and strengthen the body in a holistic manner.

Martin works with a broad range of clients. Each fitness program is individually personalised and adapted to their lifestyles and fitness needs.