Back and Neck Pain: Diagnosis and Contemporary Treatment Options

Tuesday 12th March 2019
Pier Farm 34 The Strand Williamstown VIC 3016
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

GP Symposium Series 2019

Neurosurgical Causes of Headaches: Tumours, Chiari Malformation, Haemorrhage and More

Professor Richard Bittar, Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon

The vast majority of headaches are benign, self-limiting and do not require neurosurgical assessment. There are, however, a small number of neurosurgical causes of headaches, and their early recognition and treatment can often make the difference between life and death. This talk cover some serious causes of headaches which may require surgical intervention.

Learning outcome

1. Identify the range of clinical presentations of brain tumours, Chiari malformations, subarachnoid haemorrhage, and cervicogenic headaches.
2. Recognise the key aspects of early management, including the use of imaging modalities.
3. Assess the role of surgery, and recent advances which may impact on outcome.

Back Pain and Sciatica- Contemporary Management

Dr Mo Awad, Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon

Back pain and sciatica are best treated in an integrated, team-based fashion. This seminar brings together the latest evidence and treatment options in 2019. Recognition of common and sinister causes of back pain, understanding the role of diagnostic blocks and surgery, appreciation of the latest surgical advances (including robotic spinal surgery and patient-specific implants), and identification of important post-operative complications after discharge are the key elements of this interactive presentation.

Learning outcomes

1. Recognise the common, rare and sinister causes of back pain and sciatica, clinically and with MRI
2. Assess the role of diagnostic blocks and advanced spinal surgical techniques

Pain Management Masterclass- Opioid pitfalls, neuromodulation and non-interventional pain management

Dr Symon McCallum, Pain Specialist

This interactive presentation aims to identify pain management strategies, pearls and pitfalls in the treatment of individuals with acute and chronic pain. This presentation aims to guide GPs to safe and effective prescription of opioids, and provide an update on the current issues surrounding opioids. It covers the diagnosis and investigation of a range of pain syndromes, as well as the pharmacological and interventional options available.

Learning outcomes

1. Recognise the presentation and diagnosis of common pain syndromes.
2. Assess the utility of spinal cord, peripheral nerve and dorsal root ganglion stimulation, and their indications

This activity has been submitted for accreditation of 4 category 2 points, as part of the racgp qi & cpd in the 2017-2019 triennium. Activity number pending.


Pier Farm
34 The Strand
Williamstown VIC 3016


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