Chronic Post-Surgical Pain, Microbiome & Back Pain & Scoliosis Investigations & Treatment

Remote (Webinar) with Praxhub
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

As the population ages, spinal problems in general, and degenerative scoliosis specifically, are becoming more common. Management of patients with back pain and/or leg pain in the setting of radiological scoliosis can be difficult and, in many cases, treacherous. The first presentation looks at adult scoliosis, its investigation and treatment are reviewed. The complementary role of non-surgical and surgical treatment is discussed, together with the consideration which may lead to a surgical recommendation.

Our next two presentations look at chronic post-surgical pain, pharmacological, non-pharmacological treatment options including intervention strategies.

There will also be a focus Microbiome and the potential for the development of persistent pain. Please contact Precision Health with any questions you may have after watching this video – [email protected]

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