Assoc. Professor Linda Byrne MAPS (FCCN)

BSc(Hons), MPsych(ClinNeur), PhD(Psych)
Clinical Neuropsychologist


Victoria Doncaster East
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Professor Linda Byrne is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Cairnmillar Institute in Victoria. She also an honorary Professor at Deakin University in the School of Psychology. Professor Byrne has over 30 years of clinical, research and teaching experience in the areas of neuropsychiatric disorders, neurology, brain injury, geriatric medicine, and neuropsychological rehabilitation.

At Precision, she specialises in the neuropsychological assessment of adults, children and adolescents with neurological, psychiatric, and educational difficulties. Professor Byrne’s major area of research is in the understanding and remediation of neuro- and social cognitive deficits in clinical disorders including neurodevelopmental, psychological, and neurodegenerative disorders. More recently Professor Byrne’s research has been focusing on agents that may protect or improve cognitive functioning in both healthy and compromised populations.