Brain & Spine Tumour Clinic


At Precision Brain, and Spine Tumour Clinic, our primary goal is to successfully treat your tumour and maintain you quality of life whilst doing so. By working as a team we aim to maximise your chance of achieving the best possible outcome.


At the Brain, and Spine Tumour Clinic at Precision Brain, Spine and Pain Centre, we understand that the journey through cancer treatment can be heart-wrenching and traumatic, both for the individual affected and their family. Treatment options are often multiple, complex and difficult to understand.

We aim to walk alongside you during your treatment, helping you to negotiate the decision-making process and overcome any hurdles along the way.

Our goals are simple- to provide a cure wherever possible, optimise outcomes, and to treat patients and their families with respect and dignity. We aim to provide comprehensive, well-coordinated and effective care in an empathic and caring environment.

Combining modern technology, medicine, and science, and delivering it in a compassionate, humane way, the Brain and Spine Tumour Clinic at Precision Brain, Spine and Pain Centre strives to set the highest of standards. By offering world-class medical treatment, in a warm and supportive manner, we endeavour to optimise your quality of life, independence, and overall well-being.

Time is of the essence. We aim to provide this top quality care in the shortest time frame possible- this means that we will offer you an early appointment (usually within a week), and look to commence treatment very soon after that.

At the Brain, and Spine Tumour Clinic at Precision Brain Spine and Pain Centre, you’re not simply a patient, you’re someone we care about