Dr Drew Thompson

BSc (Med) B.AppSc (Chiro)
Intake Physician


Victoria Cranbourne, Essendon
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Dr Drew Thompson works in Precision’s Rapid Access Clinic as Intake Physician. His role is to expedite patient care and improve outcomes through initial triage, physical review and diagnostic assessment in preparation for their appointment with one of our specialists.

Dr Thompson works closely with TAC patients to ensure they receive rapid appointments where they present within the first 90 days of their road traffic incident – in line with the TAC 90 Day Rule – where patients can access care without the need for prior approval from TAC.

Read more about TAC patients’ access to care inside 90 days of an incident on the TAC website.

Dr Thompson also works closely with WorkCover patients – especially in the initial assessment for patients waiting to see one of our spinal surgeons – to ensure when they see their specialist, they have a clear work-up and the specialist can form a plan without delay.

To refer to Dr Thompson for the Rapid Access Clinic – please use the Priority Referral Form or include “Rapid Access Clinic” in your referral with the date of incident.