Dr Eman Awad

MBBS BSc HAVS MFOM Adv. Dip. Occ Med
Occupational Health Specialist


Victoria Doncaster East, Essendon
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Dr Eman Awad is a specialist Occupational Health Physician. She is fascinated by different cultures and enjoys travelling to different countries. As part of this, she enjoys learning languages. She is passionate about connecting with her patients to achieve their best outcomes.

Dr Awad is an Occupational Health Physician with plentiful experience in private and corporate healthcare having first developed a strong and stable grounding in the public sector working specifically within the NHS England.

Dr Awad has a special interest in stress and the impact on mental health in high pressured environments. She has held the role of Chief Medical Officer for a prestigious and major London law firm; a regulatory body and market leading companies where she established a good understanding of the functioning of corporate workplaces. She played an instrumental role in working to identify and minimise risk to health. She is a Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians in London.

Eman is certified in the following areas and can offer consultations to support your patients:

  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) HAVS Certified;
  • Health Surveillance;
  • Fitness for Work;
  • RMO Certified for Drug and Alcohol Testing;
  • Fitness to Travel; and
  • Management of (Blood-borne Viruses) BBV in Healthcare Workers.

Dr Awad is one of the only Occupational Medicine Specialists in Victoria who can assess your patients for HAVS. She can receive direct referrals for this and for your other Occupational Medicine needs to support the Precision team and your patients to achieve their best quality of life.