TAC – Precision Rapid Access Clinic

Precision’s Rapid Access Clinic has been established to ensure patients receive the care they need in the time-critical 90 days immediately after their transportation incident.

Under TAC guidelines:

Within the first 90 days of a client’s accident, we can help pay for some treatments and services without the need for you or the client to contact us for approval first. The treatment or service must be:

  • On our list of Approved treatments and services for new TAC clients (below), and
  • Recommended by a health professional, related to the client’s accident injuries and delivered in line with the TAC Clinical Framework.

You will need TAC approval to help pay for treatments or services after the first 90 days of a client’s accident.


Patients can access top-level care with Precision under the TAC guidelines without any out of pocket or approval in the first 90 days of their transport incident where injuries have been sustained.

Visit our Appointment Request page with your TAC claim number.

Include your TAC claim number and the date of your injuries as a result of a transportation incident in the comments section of your submission. Our team will contact you to book.