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Our clinical care model is built on our most fundamental goal of putting the needs of the patient first. We deliver patient care in a high quality, compassionate, integrated and multi specialty environment. By working in our team environment, you maintain autonomy while benefiting from clinical and personal support from a group of fantastic colleagues. Lifestyle and income benefits are self-evident, and professional development and research opportunities abound.

Our Approach To Patient Care

The patients’ needs are our first and foremost priority. These are met by our unique approach, which includes:

  • A team of high quality specialists from different backgrounds who thrive on the opportunity to work together in an integrated and collegial manner
  • Coordination of specialist assessments and investigations, to shorten the time taken to make a diagnosis and commence treatment
  • Minimisation of disruption to the patient’s life by arranging for consultations and other appointments to be undertaken in the shortest timeframe and at the most geographically convenient location
  • Patients are given the time they need with ample opportunity for a detailed history and assessment
  • Construction of a comprehensive treatment plan which is logical, evidence-based, and carefully explained to the patient
  • Compassion and empathy for the patient and their family
  • Respect and trust for the patient’s GP and treating specialists, evidenced by timely and accurate communication with them

Our Team and Environment

  • Medical specialists of the highest calibre, with experience, training, bedside manner and personal values which align and dovetail with our key ambition of putting the needs of the patient first
  • Dedicated, hard working and high quality administrative and allied health staff
  • An emphasis on compassion and empathy
  • A commitment to research and education
  • Convenient, welcoming and comfortable facilities

Work with Precision

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