Precision Ascend is a comprehensive, integrated, 110 hour, multi-disciplinary, outpatient pain management program. The Precision Ascend staff include specialist pain physicians, pain nurses, physiotherapists, clinical and health psychologists, myotherapists and occupational therapists.

Precision Ascend is modelled on other evidence-based programs. Our staff have received intensive training, and are experienced clinicians in their chosen fields.

Precision Ascend aims to improve the physical, psychological and vocational functioning of individuals with chronic pain. All patients complete a multidisciplinary assessment with a pain physician, clinical psychologist and physiotherapist. From this initial assessment, outcome goals for the program are defined and include functional restoration and return to work goals.

Precision Ascend staff will liaise closely with insurance companies, case managers and rehabilitation providers to ensure appropriate goals are set with realistic aims and the program is individually tailored to help ensure these outcomes are met. We strive to assist patients in returning to work.


When a third party insured patient is referred to Precision Ascend, funding approval is sought from the insurer. Our administration staff will contact the patient’s case manager and rehab provider to inform them of the referral and to coordinate the pre-program process.

The first step in the program pathway is a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment by a pain specialist, clinical psychologist and physical therapist. From this initial assessment a formal case summary will be generated. First and foremost will be whether the team recommends Precision Ascend for the patient. Additionally preliminary goals will be set with the patient if they are appropriate for program. These goals will be discussed with case managers and rehab providers and their input will be encouraged.

Once a tailored set of goals has been established, the patient will be wait-listed for Precision Ascend. The program is 6 weeks long and runs two and a half days per week. Every week a progress report is generated for each patient to ensure they are on-track with their set goals.


At the completion of the Precision Ascend program the team generates a comprehensive review for each patient. This will be forwarded to case managers and rehab providers.

Precision Ascend follows patients to 6 months post program. Our nurses and occupational therapists stay in contact patients at regular intervals to check their post-program progress.

We believe strongly in the process of benchmarking, audit and collaborative research striving for the best outcomes for our patients. As such we rigorously collect and analyse our outcome data. We also engage in research projects submitted to peer-review journals to help add to the body of evidence supporting MDT pain management programs.


To offer a leading, evidenced based, quality program that is truly multidisciplinary and engages the patient, their case managers and rehab providers, is a resource intensive undertaking. In spite of this we have aimed to contain our program costs to make it fair and competitive with similar programs around Australia.