Ongoing Care



Medical specialists will do their best to diagnose your condition and treat you as effectively as possible. Once the first phase of your treatment is completed, the focus becomes that of ongoing care and support.

Rehabilitation Specialists are key in coordinating ongoing care for patients.

The purpose of ongoing care and support varies according to your situation. Our goals include:

  • Ensuring that you remain well after your surgery or other treatment
  • Reducing the risk of a relapse or recurrence
  • Providing you with the right psychological support to capitalise on your earlier physical treatment

Ongoing support may therefore include:

  • Regular follow up with your specialist, sometimes with more scans
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation to optimise your mobility
  • Personal training and exercise physiology to build a better body and improve your core stability
  • Psychological strategies such as mindfulness to help you manage stress, depression and anxiety without the need for too many medications

This ongoing support can often be provided by members of our team who will have direct access to your medical records and to your treating specialist, thereby allowing you to transition into this phase of your care in a smooth manner.