At Precision Life we offer specialised physiotherapy, either as a stand-alone option, or to complement your personal training or pilates sessions. Whether you have sustained a sporting injury, are recovering from surgery, or are suffering from back or neck pain, one of our expert physiotherapists would be delighted to assist you in achieving you objectives.

Our experienced physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of injuries, spinal conditions, post-operative care, acute and chronic pain, and rehabilitation. Our team participates in ongoing research and teaching activities, and has the unique advantage of having direct access to advice from our associated spinal surgeons, pain specialists, and occupational therapists. This integrated approach allows us to offer you a highly specialised and customised treatment program.

An initial consultation provides an opportunity to assess your condition in detail and the impact it has on your day to day life as well as review previous treatments in order to formulate a personalised physiotherapy program. Often there is a lot of information required during this assessment process, particularly if you have a long standing problem, so coming prepared to your appointment with relevant x-rays, reports and a summary of key events will help this greatly.

Depending upon the outcome of your assessment your personalised physiotherapy program may include hands on treatment; posture and “core” muscle retraining; home, clinic or gym based exercise rehabilitation, clinical pilates, hydrotherapy, as well as education regarding managing pain and your daily activities.