Kinesis Training


Trying to lower your handicap but unable to stay on target?

Our Kinesis Golf Conditioning Program has been specifically designed to address all of the physical conditioning requirements: balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and power.

Step off the golf course with the same fire & vigour you stepped onto it with & ensure a smile when you tally your score card!


Are you falling short of getting to the ball? Do you get there but keep mis-hitting your stroke?

Our Kinesis Tennis program integrated resistance movement patterns have been specifically designed to address all of the physical conditioning needs: balance, flexibility, co-ordination, strength, endurance and power. These ensure you are able to perform repeated swings and efficient movement about the court, maintain proper body position and posture while executing varied strokes, ensure racquet head speed and leg drive and complete an entire tennis match without fatigue.
Never again run out of legs into the third set!


Is your belly soft and unconditioned? Do you have back pain? Feel like you slump?

Our Kinesis Absolute Abs program focuses on training trunk muscles for all possible functionalities, as well as recruiting the Kinetic chains those muscles are a part of. Areas of focus include trunk bending and rotation, single plane and multi-planar movement, isometric (core stabilisation), acceleration and deceleration strengthening, and maintaining correct posture and body awareness.

Have the strong, centred core strength & the confidence in knowing you look & feel fantastic anywhere!


Always feeling tired? Tight? Sore?

Our Kinesis Corrective Exercises movement series addresses classic overuse injuries. These syndromes traditionally manifest themselves as muscle imbalance and tightness, and in some cases postural deviation, all of which can lead to some level of movement compensation and lack of movement proficiency.

Why trudge through life when Corrective X can assist you to stand tall, greet life with confidence and energy, and take on all tasks with vigour and verve?