Group Fitness


Body Sculpt is specially designed to firm, shape and tone the whole body, particularly those difficult to tone areas like abs, upper arms, glutes and thighs. The class will be run in a fun, friendly, focused style and is suitable for all fitness levels. Perfect for people wanting to get fit, lose weight and firm up their entire body!


This total body workout will help you lose weight, tone your body and improve joint mobility.

The functional exercises will involve utilising large muscle groups to increase your metabolism and make your body a fat burning furnace.

The class is suitable for all age groups and exercise levels, although we do recommend it to be taken up with a personal training program so as to develop a deeper understanding of form and technique.


As we age our bones become more brittle. This class combines functional weight-bearing exercise and resistance training to strengthen bones, enhance joint mobility, assist in weight management and improve total body fitness. Core exercises and stretching are performed to help with posture, back pain and prevent injury. Suitable for all fitness levels, the class is run in a friendly non-judgemental environment.


Precision Group Outdoors is suitable for all ages and exercise levels. It is specially designed by an expert personal trainer and aimed at combining cardiovascular training with resistance exercises and challenges.

It is perfect for those who want to:

  • Train in a fun, friendly, non-competitive environment
  • Lose weight and tone all body parts
  • Develop cardiovascular and muscle endurance
  • Perform exercises correctly and under guidance
  • Develop flexibility
  • Change body shape


These are special outdoor group sessions designed to build your aerobic base, improve your fitness and stamina, and build running endurance. A full warm up with dynamic stretches is performed, to help you stay injury free. You will then be taken on a local run incorporating such techniques as, tempo running, intervals and hill endurance training.


Buddy Spin is a private spin session for one or two people. You will be in control of the resistance intensity and your qualified spin instructor will take you through a motivating spin routine using specially selected music and training techniques. You will be guided to use perfect cycle form in order to stimulate the metabolic and cardiovascular response which is proven to be an excellent fat burner.

Buddy spin is only available to people currently participating in personal training; however you are welcome to bring a friend or family member.