The Deep Brain Stimulation Clinic

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About The Clinic

Precision Brain Spine & Pain Centre is dedicated to the provision of super-specialised treatment of conditions affecting the brain and spine. We offer a multidisciplinary Deep Brain Stimulation specialty clinic which includes expert neurosurgeons and neurologists who perform deep brain stimulation for movement disorders and other conditions, as well as other medical and allied health experts who play an important role in the assessment and management of our patients. These include psychiatrists, psychologists, pain specialists and registered nurses.

Our specialists who will care for you are experts in their respective field, and work together to optimise your outcome. This team approach allows us to fulfil our goal of providing individualised and state-of-the-art comprehensive care for each patient.

Experience and training can make a big difference when it comes to brain surgery, and deep brain stimulation is no exception. Our emphasis is on quality of care delivered in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

Our clinics are located in a number of cities and towns around Victoria and Tasmania. This allows us to provide a degree of convenience to many people across these States, and minimise the need for long-distance travel. We operate at some of Melbourne’s leading hospitals, including Melbourne Private and St Vincent’s Private.

Prof Richard Bittar is a highly qualified and experienced neurosurgeon. He is a specialist deep brain stimulation neurosurgeon, and was the first Australian neurosurgeon to undertake overseas fellowship training in DBS, studying in Oxford some 15 years ago.

He has been practicing as a consultant neurosurgeon for over 15 years and has performed hundreds of deep brain stimulation surgeries.

Prof Bittar has published over 50 scientific articles and has been awarded a prestigious NH&MRC research grant. He has run DBS programs in the public and private sectors, and established the DBS and Psychosurgery programs at Royal Melbourne Hospital. He consults and operates at several Private Hospitals.

His main areas of interest and expertise are deep brain stimulation, surgery for brain tumours, and spinal surgery. His deep brain stimulation surgery interests include:

Prof Bittar is the DBS neurosurgeon at Melbourne DBS and Precision Brain Spine and Pain Centre, and works closely with the neurologists and other specialists there and in other clinics around Melbourne.